THIS Just Came Ashore On A Galveston Beach

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on June 22, 2016


Just another relaxing day at the beach…

Until a dead sea monster washes ashore!

A 13-foot-long alligator washed ashore on a beach in Galveston Beach over the weekend. Photos of the large reptile quickly went viral after it was found on Jamaica Beach.

Timeiki Hedspeth and her family were celebrating Father’s Day when they spotted the huge gator. A crowd of people gathered around the huge alligator, which turned out to be dead, Click 2 Houston reports.

“When we see a crowd of people, being nosy people we walked down there, and that’s when we realized it’s an alligator,” Hedspeth said.

 THIS Just Came Ashore On A Galveston Beach

The gator measured about 13-feet-long. Hedspeth joked that maybe the alligator was “playing ‘possum.’ ”

This was the second alligator spotted on a Galveston beach in two days. It still shocked beachgoers nonetheless.

It’s uncommon for alligators to emerge near salt water since their habitat is freshwater.

Texas wildlife workers explain that the alligator was most likely displaced from recent flooding. It appeared that the alligator made his way into the water to rinse off, but it’s not immediately clear how he died.

A lot of people posed with the alligator — with some even getting on his back.

People are urged by wildlife workers to avoid alligators and call the game warden if you see one, whether it’s dead or alive.

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