Monkey Business In Kenya Causes Major Power Outage

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on June 13, 2016


This monkey business caused loads of trouble!

Kenya — yes, the entire country — was left without power for 15 minutes Tuesday after a rogue monkey got into a power station and triggered a blackout.
That’s 4.7 million households and businesses.
The primate fell onto a transformer at the Gitaru hydroelectric power station, according to Kenya Electricity Generating Company, or KenGen, which owns the facility. The station is the largest generator in the country.
“This monkey tripped a transformer. This triggered a cascading effect on the other generators which ended up disrupting power generation and distribution in the whole country,” Kenya Power spokesman Eric Kathenya said.
Kenya Power buys and distributes energy produced by the KenGen facility.
Monkey Business In Kenya Causes Major Power Outage
Power was restored to some sections of the country within 15 minutes, and within three hours most customers had power again, Kathenya said.
The Kenya Power spokesman described the outage as historic, saying, “This is the first such disruption we’ve had by a monkey.”
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