Here’s 418 Sick Reasons You’ll Hate These People

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on June 24, 2016


What should they do with sick people like this?

And the animals they harm?

Here's 418 Sick Reasons You'll Hate These People

More than 400 animals have been recovered from a New York man’s home in a rescue mission dubbed “Operation Noah’s Ark.”

The raid at Gary Gruber’s Bellmore, Long Island, residence on Tuesday came 10 months after local animal officials said an alligator was taken from the home.

In all, officials said 251 birds, 151 turtles, 12 mammals and four other reptiles were removed Tuesday. The mammals included rabbits, chinchillas, sugar gliders, prairie dogs, and even a skunk, CBS New York reported.

Here's 418 Sick Reasons You'll Hate These People

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