EPIC Photos! This Lion Can HUNT!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on June 24, 2016


No wonder they’re known as the king of the jungle!

These cats can hunt!

EPIC Photos! This Lion Can HUNT!

These incredible photographs of a lioness killing a stork in a safari park in Kenya show why lions are the most feared hunters in the world.

Pictures show the hungry lioness stalking a flock of birds in Kenya’s Maasai Mara before moving in for the kill and leaping up to grab her prey.

While some of the birds flap off in different directions in a desperate bid to escape, one was not so lucky – and ended up in the lion’s jaws.

EPIC Photos! This Lion Can HUNT!

The 46-year-old started snapping when he saw the lioness, called Zama, looking for food for her cubs and moving in on the unsuspecting storks.

He said: ‘When I took the photos lioness Zama was going through a bad patch as she had a chest injury which made it difficult to hunt warthogs and antelopes and at night hyenas were a nightmare stealing her prey.

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