You’ve Got To Be Kidding!! This NEW Cecil News Will Make You PUKE

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 12, 2016


Last we heard, the Cecil uproar had caused the KILLING – not hunting – of over 200 lions in Zimbabwe. These animals were poisoned or euthanized because no hunters were willing to come hunt them for fear of “Cecil backlash.”

Well the group that made all that possible is back!

Outdoor Beasts You've Got To Be Kidding!! This NEW Cecil News Will Make You PUKE

IMAGINE 20,000 animal lovers gathering at Washington DC for a day of remembering Cecil the Lion and speaking out against Trophy Hunting and canned hunting that is taking place at home AND abroad.

Since the death of Cecil the Lion, the world has become aware of the horrors of Trophy Hunting and Poaching. Many people across the world have taken to the streets to speak up for the voiceless and challenged law makers in their countries to change. Many countries hosted massive rallies numbering in the thousands with Israel and Spain’s rally topping at a record number of 15,000 each.
It’s time for the American people to SHINE and join the movement. This July, join 20,000 animal lovers as we gather at Washington DC and make a statement that Trophy Hunting is NOT SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE. We are inviting celebrities and artists to join us for this weekend rally to bring about CHANGE for the animals.

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