You May Not Know It…But You Need This!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 13, 2016


Hail sucks.

Especially when it bangs the hell outta your vehicle.

Worry no more!

A North Texas man has invented a device that could prevent hail from damaging vehicles.

It’s called the Hail Protector. It creates a giant bubble around vehicles.

Outdoor Beasts You May Not Know It...But You Need This!

“It cushions the impact and then the hailstone falls off,” inventor Mike Siciliano said.

Siciliano says he came up with the idea seven years ago because of a lack of products on the market to protect vehicles from hailstones.

In three years, he says he’s sold about 1,000 Hail Protectors but says business has picked up since the recent hail storms in north Texas.

“Business has been popping for us like crazy. We can’t keep product in stock,” he said.

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