This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Power Wagon!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 3, 2016


This ain’t your Grandpa’s Power Wagon.
This suck’a’s made by hand by the artisans at Legacy Classic Trucks.
Outdoor Beasts This Ain't Your Grandpa's Power Wagon!
The Legacy Power Wagon Conversion features…
Outdoor Beasts This Ain't Your Grandpa's Power Wagon!

More Power: A 480hp Direct Injected 6.2 Liter LT1 V-8 will replace the outgoing LS3 engine platform. The new engine promises huge improvements in torque and horsepower with higher compression thanks to Direct Fuel-Injection.  The Corvette Stingray engine comes with a 5/60 warranty and is easily serviced at any Chevrolet dealership.  Legacy is also rumored to be working on a 440 cu in small block Chrysler for the die-hard Mopar Fans.

Outdoor Beasts This Ain't Your Grandpa's Power Wagon!

More Torque: Cummins Diesel Engines are now also offered with more power as well.  A new cold-air induction system has allowed Legacy to use more aggressive tunes on the revamped P7100 injection pump.  Combined with a new 12cm turbo-housing the Legacy can safely push turbo-boost levels up to 28psi, thanks in part to upgraded ARP head bolts.

More Strength: The Chassis of the Legacy Power Wagon Conversions are now boxed for greater rigidity.  This has been combined with adding chases to the frame, allowing all fuel and electrical lines to be routed through the frame.  This not only presents better, but also protects these vital lines from rocks and water.  This is combined with driveline hoops and new cross members for an even stronger foundation.

Outdoor Beasts This Ain't Your Grandpa's Power Wagon!

More Comfort: Legacy is proud to offer Recaro Seats in their trucks.  They offer amazing comfort and support both on and off-road.  The 2015 trucks come standard with Nardi Steering wheels, available in both a black hand-stitched leather and beautiful mahogany.

Upgraded Safety and Convenience: The new 2015 Legacy’s are now equipped with modern bear-claw latched and locking manual doors.  After struggling with electric door poppers, Legacy now offers tighter sealing and quieter cabins with the piece of mind only offered by a mechanical system.

All for around $250K

Legacy Classic Trucks


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