Politifact Catches Actress Minka Kelly In Ivory Lie

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 31, 2016


Actress Minka Kelly took to social media to save the elephants from hunters and poachers.

Turns out she wasn’t being real truthful.

By the time you drink your coffee, an elephant is killed for its ivory tusks, according to an image shared by actress Minka Kelly.

Kelly (Friday Night Lights) posted the statistic by the International Fund for Animal Welfare on her Instagram, along with a note urging her followers to sign IFAW’s petition asking wildlife authorities to list African elephants as endangered and give the species more protections.

Politifact Catches Actress Minka Kelly In Ivory Lie

“#Elephants are being killed at an alarming rate, both by #ivory poachers and by wealthy American trophy #hunters,” Kelly wrote May 10. “It’s estimated that on average, an #elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its ivory. That’s 96 animals a day!”

Is it true that elephants are killed at the rate it takes to down a cup of joe?

The estimate is derived from a reputable academic study, but IFAW is oversimplifying the complexities of that research to score a good soundbit

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