Is This A Chupacabra…in New York?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 11, 2016


We’re not sure what this is?

It could be a coyote…

Or a chupacabra.

Outdoor Beasts Is This A New York?

No one seems to have managed a photo of the creature, but several people in the Hanover area of York County last week spotted something that initially brought to mind the mythical chupacabra.

“It’s gray colored, looks like patchy kind of hair. Sort of coyote face. Long, long tail. Tall. Long legs. It’s like this size of a greyhound do, maybe a little smaller. But this thing moved like a cat, but had little to no hair,” related one reader.

“Looks like a cross between a baby deer, cat, dog and kangaroo. I know that sounds crazy but that’s the only way to describe it. Grayish brown in color.

“What is it? It’s scary. I know that.”

Another reader reported, “When I first saw it in the field behind our house I couldn’t even guess what it was. I never saw anything like that before.

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