INSANE Mule Deer / Airplane Crash Story!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 13, 2016


The pilot is lucky to be alive!

NORTH SWANZEY — Dillant-Hopkins Airport hasn’t seen as much action on the runway in years as it has in the past few weeks.

On the heels of a small plane’s recent rough touchdown, which took out several lights along the runway at Keene’s municipal airport, an aircraft Wednesday flipped upon landing after striking a deer.

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At 9:45 a.m. a Vans RV-8 aircraft went off the side of Runway 2 after hitting the animal upon the plane’s arrival at Dillant-Hopkins, according to Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Jim Peters. The aircraft had departed from Boire Field Airport in Nashua, carrying the pilot and a passenger, neither of whom was seriously injured.

The deer wasn’t so lucky; it was killed in the incident and could be seen afterward in the bed of a pickup truck.

No other information about the plane’s occupants or the nature of their injuries was available.

Swanzey Fire Chief Norman W. Skantze said he got a call from the airport reporting that the pilot and passenger needed to be checked for injuries. Both the Keene and Swanzey fire departments responded, and they have a protocol in place that involves an emergency action plan.

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