How’d Playing With Your Pet Cobra Work Out For Ya’?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 16, 2016


Let me get this straight…

You played with your pet cobra…

And it bit ya…

And you’re surprised?

A snake owner is fighting for his life after he was bitten by his pet King Cobra.

Ali Iyood, a biology graduate, was bitten by the snake at his home in North Carolina and drove himself to hospital.

As he rushed to the ER he phoned 911 and described his deteriorating situation saying he was ‘sweating like crazy’.

He told the dispatcher: ‘Hey, I just got bit by um, a king cobra, and I’m on my way to the hospital. My vision’s kind of blurry. I’m sweating like crazy. I’m like panicking. I feel nauseous.’

Outdoor Beasts How'd Playing With Your Pet Cobra Work Out For Ya'?

Nearly unconscious, he pulled over at the side of the road on Highway 54, where paramedics found him and rushed him to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill on Monday night just after 9pm.

He remains in a critical condition after he was injected with the potentially lethal venom.

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