Here’s What Illegal Elephant Ivory And Marijuana Have In Common

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 2, 2016


Last week, Kenya set ablaze $100 million worth of  ivory obtained through poaching.

Many liberals, the Hollywood elite, and ANTI-Hunters cheered thinking that the act will help stop the flow of illegal ivory to China.

It won’t.

The Chinese will still want ivory and don’t care how they get it.

Outdoor Beasts Here's What Illegal Elephant Ivory And Marijuana Have In Common

In many ways the burning scene was reminiscent of watching police burn confiscated marijuana on the evening news.

At those bonfires, law enforcement, politicians, and the “Just Say No” crowd cheered thinking that the act would slow the flow of drugs to those that wanted it.

It never did.

What has worked in getting marijuana off the street was legalizing it.

In parts of the US where it has been legalized, crime is down, taxes are up, and the sale of pot outside of legal avenues is way down.

The same will work for ivory.

Many in the world of finance, conservation, and trade believe so (This piece by Forbes on the matter is a damn good read).

Unfortunately, policy makers don’t often side with facts.

They side with emotion.

Which is why the elephants days are numbered!





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