Capt Peacock’s Journal: The Rainy Season

Written by Gayne Young on May 17, 2016


It’s raining down here in Brazil’s Amazon.

Raining a lot.

This is, after all, the rainy season.

Still, there’s a certain beauty to these downpours.

Outdoor Beasts Capt Peacock

I sit high on my porch overlooking the Rio Negro as every hour the water floods higher and higher and into the jungle allowing Peacock Bass and the other game fish we target to swim among the trees and gorge on fruit, nuts, and insects.   Despite this hectic and massive change, it will all come to an end in August when the rains cease and the water recedes back into the river proper.  And while I’m content to sit here with a cigar in one hand and a caipirinha in the other while watching the majesty of the rainy season from my porch, the rest of my crew is actually doing productive things.

Most of my guides are furthering their education, taking advanced English classes, tying jigs, or meeting with lure companies to talk about innovations in enticing Peacock Bass to strike. Chef Saul is trying new recipes and working with a new Chef in Manaus (look for a special announcement on that coming soon). Jan and Cleo are learning new techniques in order to give better massages while Sheldon and Célio are taking care of the logistics involved in premiering the new 145-foot Rio Negro Queen in September.  Sergey’s doing whatever Internet stuff needs to be done while our president Leonardo deals with the airlines to insure our customers get the best deals, arranging the delivery of our new fleet of 14 2016 Bass Tracker boats, two Grizzly bowfishing boats, and two pontoon party boats, and overseeing all of the aforementioned.
Oh who’m I kidding?
Leonardo’s probably up there in Texas counting the days until the McGregor / Diaz fight this summer. I doubt if anything else is truly on his mind.
I joke. I joke.

Leonardo’s pretty busy as is Gayne who writes up all the stuff that appears Online and in our print media.

All in all, everybody’s working but me. But that’s the way I like it. I need to do what I’m doing which is staying connected to the natural world here in Amazônia. After all, how else could I stay on top where the best fishing on the Rio Negro is?

I know this because I know Amazônia.

I’m Capt Peacock.

A vida é melhor vivida na Amazônia.


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