Are Those Baboons Doing What We Think They’re Doing?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 23, 2016



That’s pretty rude.

Even for baboons.

Outdoor Beasts

A tourist got more than he bargained for when a pair of cheeky monkeys flashed their bare bottoms for the camera.

As soon as the playful Chacma baboons noticed they were being photographed at Kruger National Park, they bent over and mooned directly at the camera.

The silly sight was captured by hobby photographer Vaughan Veal who was on his first retirement holiday at the South African park.

The 62-year-old South African said: ‘I was on a game drive in my car heading back to camp at Berg en Dal, when I saw a group of baboons playing in the road.

‘I began to photograph and took a series of pictures on a burst. They bent over for a split second. When I looked at the picture where they are showing their bums, it immediately gave me the impression they were mooning me.

‘I have on many occasions photographed baboons playing but have never captured something like this before.’

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