You Won’t Believe The Trash Pompous A** Piers Morgan Said About The Royal’s Hunting

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on April 14, 2016


What an ANTI-Hunting piece of slime!

Just an obnoxious, ill-informed narcissist.

Ahhhh, sweet photos, aren’t they?

The kind that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, giggling with joy as they fed a baby rhinoceros and elephant calf today on their trip to an Indian animal sanctuary.

Outdoor Beasts You Won't Believe The Trash Pompous A** Piers Morgan Said About The Royal's Hunting

They were, we were told, ‘delighted’ to play parents to a group of vulnerable creatures being nursed back to health at the Kaziranga National Park after being injured or orphaned in the wild.

A more positive image it would be hard to imagine, especially for a future king who has made the conservation of wildlife his cause célèbre.

So why does it make me feel sick to the very pit of my stomach?

Well, perhaps it’s because Prince William likes rich people hunting down these same beautiful animals, killing them in often elongated torture sessions, posing for repulsively smug photos next to their rotting carcasses, and then severing their heads for their office walls back home.

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