THIS Is The Ammo That Lets Us Sleep Well At Night

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on April 18, 2016


And Amen to that!

When it comes to choosing gear for your own defense, you need things you can count on every time, all the time. This is especially true with your choice of defensive ammunition. While there are many answers to the same question, the best defensive ammunition is that which gives the best blend of accuracy, terminal performance and confidence. Many classic designs are still relied upon–with good cause–but once in a while something comes along that is revolutionary.

Cutting Edge Bullets from Pennsylvania is a relatively new player in the ammunition industry, but I’ve really come to trust their products. Though I became familiar with the company through their hunting bullets for my rifles, I’ve spent some time with their handgun bullets, and now with their Personal Home Defense loaded ammunition–loaded with the Handgun Raptor bullet. The Cutting Edge lineup of handgun bullets is a bit radical when compared to a traditional cup-and-core design; they are an all-copper affair with a deep hollowpoint. While it sounds like some other bullets we’ve heard of before, that is where the similarities end. Cutting Edge Bullets are turned on a lathe, to keep both dimensional and weight tolerances as tight as possible. Like most copper bullets, they will run lighter for caliber than a lead core bullet of similar size, reducing both pressure and recoil, while increasing velocity. It’s what happens terminally with a Cutting Edge Handgun Raptor that sets it completely apart from the rest of the field.

Outdoor Beasts THIS Is The Ammo That Lets Us Sleep Well At Night

That deep hollowpoint I’ve mentioned is skived along the axis of the bullet, and upon impact, that portion of the bullet along the hollowpoint breaks into four small blades, which cause a whole bunch of impact trauma–usually in a star pattern–while the remainder of the bullet (referred to by Cutting Edge Bullets as the ‘Blunt Trauma Base’), continues to penetrate at caliber dimension. So, while there is no expansion, at least in the traditional manner which we are all accustomed to, there is reliable trauma.

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