Redback Spider Bites Man On Place A Lot Worse Than Back

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on April 27, 2016


This is not a place any man wants to get bit!

An Australian man has taken himself to hospital after a venomous redback spider bit him on the penis.

The tradesman was using a portable toilet on a Sydney building site on Wednesday morning when he was bitten.

A spokesperson for St George Hospital confirmed that a 21-year-old man was treated for a redback bite.

Outdoor Beasts Redback Spider Bites Man On Place A Lot Worse Than Back

The redback spider, closely related to the black widow spider, is distinguished by a long red stripe on its abdomen.

The spider’s bite causes severe pain, sweating and nausea.

The BBC spoke to the owners of the property who confirmed that the man had been bitten on the penis as described in media reports.

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