PO’ed Gorilla Faces Off Against Laborers In…

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on April 15, 2016


We’d pee our pants!

This 28-stone gorilla has been keeping an eye on nervous builders near its enclosure – and weighing in at 176kg, he is one site foreman not to be argued with.

These photos show the 12-year-old silverback, N’Dowe (pronounced Endovay) at home at Paignton Zoo, Devon, where it lives with four other gorillas.

Outdoor Beasts PO'ed Gorilla Faces Off Against Laborers In...

And the huge, muscular primate has taken to terrorising a group of construction workers who are building a new play area and takeaway kiosk at the zoo.

Outdoor Beasts PO'ed Gorilla Faces Off Against Laborers In...

The macho ape, a critically-endangered western lowland gorilla, balances on a tree stump and beats its chest, roaring as it watches over the builders.

Lee & Lee company boss Adrian Lee, who is carrying out work at the zoo, said his team decided to respond to the threat with some chest-pounding of their own – but they aren’t nearly as scary as N’Dowe.

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