Buffalo Goes FULL REVENGE on Lion Pride!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on April 1, 2016


This buff is tire of these lions’ S**T!

A brave buffalo proved its loyalty to its herd when it charged into a pride of lions after seeing one of its friends lying injured and surrounded by the hungry predators in a game reserve in South Africa.

The buffalo used all its strength to gore one of the startled lions with its sharp horns, tossing the winded animal into the air with ease as the other lions scattered.

Outdoor Beasts Buffalo Goes FULL REVENGE on Lion Pride!

Sadly despite the heroics of the buffalo, its friend was too badly injured to escape and was set upon by several other lions, who raced to the scene after hearing the commotion.

Outdoor Beasts Buffalo Goes FULL REVENGE on Lion Pride!

It was quite a surprise, our ranger spotted a couple of cars at the other side of the river. They were all just parked there with their binoculars trying to take a glance of something happening at our side of the bank,’ she said.

‘When we arrived there were 12 young lions of the same pride that had knocked down a bull and were trying to kill it.

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