What The Hell…Did Nova Scotia Fisherman Just Catch?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on March 11, 2016




Hell is that thing?

You know it’s strange if fishermen with 60 years experience have no idea what it is!

Outdoor Beasts What The Hell...Did Nova Scotia Fisherman Just Catch?

A fishing trawler off the coast of Newfoundland recently hauled up a creature from the depths of the ocean that made even experienced fishermen do a double take.

Scott Tanner was on board when crews pulled up the fish — which looks somewhat like a bird, with a long, pointy snout, bright neon green eyes, and ribbed fins that resemble feathered wings.

“All the production stopped and everything so everybody could check it out,” he said.

“Even the older guys that are 50, 60 years old, they’ve seen maybe one in their lifetime so they thought it was pretty neat and I snapped a couple pictures.”

It wasn’t until Tanner got back home to Nova Scotia that he looked up what species the fish might be. He believes it is a longnose chimaera, a deepwater species rarely caught. ​

“There’s lots of other weird stuff that comes out [of the ocean] but that one definitely stood out … I don’t imagine many people have seen one,” Tanner told CBC News.

Outdoor Beasts What The Hell...Did Nova Scotia Fisherman Just Catch?

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