Science Has Discovered What A Narwhal’s Tusk Is For…

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on March 28, 2016


Forget jousting…


And breaking ice.

Science has discovered what a narwhal’s tusk is really designed for.

They are distinctive for the long tusk that protrudes from their head but until now nobody had a clue why the Narwhal evolved like it did.

Thanks to a scientific break though, biologists now believe that the horn of the male of the species is in fact a sensory organ.

Outdoor Beasts Science Has Discovered What A Narwhal's Tusk Is For...

Commonly referred to as the unicorn of the sea – but perhaps lacking the majesty of their mythical counterparts – it was previously thought that the unusual feature could be used for contests between males or as an ice pick.

The tusk is actually the left canine of the toothed whale which breaks through its upper lip.

But unlike a normal tooth it has no enamel, making it porous and meaning sea water can travel through the tusk connecting with nerve endings and then, most importantly, sending signals to the brain.

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