“Queen” Goes After Princes’ Hunting Stance

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on March 21, 2016


Great band but…

Really poorly informed!

Rocker Brian May has attacked Princes William and Harry following reports of both going on hunting trips just weeks before pledging to save Africa’s critically endangered wildlife.

The 66-year-old former Queen guitarist has spoken out against the two young royals, comparing their hunting to 19th century supporters of slavery and saying their slaughter of animals is ‘inhumane’ and that it ‘sickened’ him.

Outdoor Beasts "Queen" Goes After Princes' Hunting Stance

The Princes returned earlier this month from  a hunting holiday on the estate of William’s godfather, the Duke of Westminster in Cordoba, Spain where they shot wild boar and stags.

Harry has also faced criticism over a recently emerged photo of him brandishing a gun and smiling over the body of a water buffalo.

Outdoor Beasts "Queen" Goes After Princes' Hunting Stance

Both Princes are outspoken supporters of international efforts to stop illegal poaching, attended the conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade on Thursday with their father Prince Charles to discuss ways to save endangered wildlife.

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