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Dangerous Game hunting in South Africa is often overlooked or, worse yet, dismissed as somehow being less of a challenge than hunting the continent’s seven most dangerous species in the so called “real Africa.” This couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Not only does the Republic of South Africa offer authentic, traditional safaris for Dangerous Game but the benefits of hunting the Dark Continent’s safest and most developed country makes it the best place to do so.
Dangerous Game Hunting In South Africa By Gayne C. Young and Hannes Els

South Africa offers hunts for lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard, crocodile, and hippo on private and communal lands.  Hunts are conducted in the same manner as elsewhere in Africa with lion, buffalo, elephant, rhino, and hippo hunted via spot and stalk and leopard and crocodile hunted over bait. Trophy size is equal if not better than elsewhere on the continent. So why hunt Dangerous Game in South Africa over elsewhere if the method is the same and trophy size similar if not better? Several reasons, but the most important deal with time, safety, and luxury.

Dangerous Game Hunting In South Africa By Gayne C. Young and Hannes Els 3

As the most industrialized nation on the continent, South Africa offers hunters extreme ease of travel.  The country is easy to get in and out of and easy to get around in. The highway system allows for quick travel between lodges and hunting areas so there is no need for charter flights.  Because of this and because South Africa offers no Minimum Stay Requirements for select species, hunts are considerably shorter than elsewhere in Africa.  Don’t have time for a 14-day minimum stay plus two to three days of travel on each end of a Cape buffalo hunt in Mozambique? How about a five to seven day hunt in South Africa with only one day of travel on each end? Can’t swing sixteen days in Tanzania to hunt crocodile? Try five days in the RSA. Today, more than ever before time is money, and hunting Dangerous Game in South Africa offers a savings of both.

Safety is a rarely an issue while hunting in South Africa as poachers and in-the-field crime are almost nonexistent in the country. The threat from malaria and yellow fever does exist in some low-lying areas but these are far and few between. The risk of other infectious diseases is considered “Low” by most governmental and private health agencies. And even if an emergency does arise medical attention is plentiful and easily obtained as cell service in country is widespread.

For most hunters and travelers, luxury is becoming more and more important.  Visitors to South Africa rarely complain as most outfitters have made luxury, convenience, and customer service their top priority.  Most hunters after Dangerous Game in South Africa stay in posh resorts that feature professional chefs, a highly trained staff, and a host of other Five Star hotel type amenities.  This type of hedonistic comfort is especially welcomed by couples, hunters traveling with a family, and by those traveling with a non-hunting companion. There are few places other than South Africa where a hunter can go afield after Cape buffalo and return to a fully appointed lodge for cocktails, a massage, and a chef prepared meal accompanied by wine pulled from an on-site 300 bottle cellar.  Likewise where one can hunt Dangerous Game in the morning, spend the afternoon at a spa, and dance and gamble at a world-renowned casino all night.

Dangerous Game Hunting In South Africa By Gayne C. Young and Hannes Els 2

Perhaps the best reason to hunt Dangerous Game in South Africa is explained by Professional Hunter’s Association of South Africa’s Immediate Past-President Hans Vermaak.  “South Africa is a world in one country.  It boasts a wildlife and conservation success story second to none in Africa. South Africa offers the most diverse range of species on earth, and over the last thirty years South Africa has transformed from an almost exclusively “plains game” destination to one of Africa’s premier destinations for dangerous game. South Africa has Dangerous Game safari options and destinations that will suit the desires of hunters from every corner of the globe regardless of their personal preferences. South Africa has it all!”

It certainly does.

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