Here’s How And Why PETA KILLS Puppies

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on March 10, 2016



PETA kills animals…

Lots of them.

And sometimes stores their dead puppies in a freezer with tofu!

In a recent email exchange, a representative for PETA told The Daily Caller News Foundation that asking about the organization’s alleged practice of euthanizing puppies is just like asking “How often do you beat your wife?”

TheDCNF queried PETA in response to a conversation with a former PETA employee, who told TheDCNF the organization kills “healthy, adoptable animals,” and recounted putting down a litter of puppies. The former employee, who parted ways with PETA after a legal spat, asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

TheDCNF independently verified her previous employment status with PETA.

“I remember once I was euthanizing a litter of puppies with one of my bosses,” the former employee told TheDCNF. “And it bothered me so much, because they had no chance. They were young and totally adoptable, healthy.”

The former employee recalled one particular alleged exchange:

Employee: “The puppies are the hardest for me.”

Outdoor Beasts Here's How And Why PETA KILLS Puppies

Supervisor: “Why? I think they’re the easiest.”

Employee: “How? After they’ve never had a chance to have a good life?”

Supervisor: “Well, they’ve never had a chance to suffer either, that’s how I look at it.”

“So there’s a little uh, you know, head scratching at times,” the former employee told TheDCNF, after recounting the exchange.

PETA declined to respond to the allegations, referring instead to the wife-beating analogy. “Why does PETA rationalize euthanizing healthy, adoptable animals, particularly puppies?” TheDCNF asked, along with a few other questions. PETA also refused to verify if the following images, provided to the DCNF, were indeed from inside a euthanization facility.

PETA did respond to the question about euthanizing puppies:

Outdoor Beasts Here's How And Why PETA KILLS Puppies

“It’s clear from your deliberately false and misleading questions that no matter how we answer, we’re not going to be given a fair shake. These questions are like, ‘How often do you beat your wife?’ Whatever your source, it is wrong. Thus, this is the only response you will receive from us.”

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