EPIC Outdoor Rescue Of Twin 9 Year Olds From Ice Flow

Written by Gayne Young on March 29, 2016


Tragedy was avoided thanks to the fire department!

Nine-year-old twins avoided disaster after the ice floe they were playing on drifting away from shore.

The girl and boy – who have not been identified – had been jumping on cakes of ice when one started moving out shortly before 3 pm on Easter Sunday.

Sgt. Walter Vessey of Charlottetown police told The Star: ‘They happened to jump on a piece of ice that actually was floating rather than sitting on the mud, and as they jumped on it, it started to float away from shore.’

Outdoor Beasts EPIC Outdoor Rescue Of Twin 9 Year Olds From Ice Flow

Two of their friends were also playing on the floe but managed to jump off in time and wade back to shore before their rescuers arrived at the scene, which played out on the Hillsborough River.

Fire officials were called to the scene and used an inflatable rescue boat to retrieve the pair.

The boat had to go out about 40 meters offshore to retrieve the pair, who were given life jackets to wear as they were taken back to shore, said The Star.

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