Did This Crocodile Just Eat…A Chainsaw?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on March 16, 2016


This croc isn’t having any of your work detail!

And screw that chainsaw!

Outdoor Beasts Did This Crocodile Just Eat...A Chainsaw?

It was the story that spread fear across the globe: a cranky chainsaw-wielding crocodile that can leap six metres into the air.

It’s now nearly a decade since Brutus the 4.4 metre croc launched himself from a pond to rip a chainsaw from the hands of a maintenance worker who was clearing debris inside his pen in Corroboree Park Tavern, south west of Darwin.

And it seems old habits die hard, because Daily Mail Australia has learned the mammoth Top End beast is still one of the crankiest reptiles in Australia.

Outdoor Beasts Did This Crocodile Just Eat...A Chainsaw?

Park co-owner Linda Francis said Brutus has ‘grown up a bit’ since his chainsaw outburst but he still has a short temper.

‘He still has tantrums where you can hear him thrashing around in the water. Apparently this means he would rather be out chasing girls.’

But Brutus has a bad track record when it comes to love, after making a meal out of his last two partners.

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