Bowhunting With Jim Miller: Diaphragm (Mouth) Calls

Written by Jim Miller on March 29, 2016


The most difficult calls to master but the best for making a various number of calls and having both hands free to use your favorite weapon are Diaphragm (Mouth) Calls.

My favorite mouth calls are the Bradley Custom Calls. Rick (Hoot) Bradley is a turkey living legend already in the South and this young man lives, eats, and sleeps Gobbler hunting.  My favorites mouth calls are the Wild Thang, Bat Girl and Sweet Heat.  The biggest reason for my preference of these mouth calls are easy to handle in your mouth without having the gagging sensation and make the right sounds.  Remember, you cannot pick up a mouth call and start calling right away.

Outdoor Beasts Bowhunting With Jim Miller: Diaphragm (Mouth) Calls

You must practice with these calls and every call maker without exception has very good DVD’s available that shows you how to use the Diaphragm Calls and the proper calling techniques!  However that being said, nothing helps more that calling the real Gobblers. They will let you know if your calling with the right cadence, sound and using the right call at the right time.  Also make sure you check with your local dealers and major box stores for seminars on how to properly call Gobblers and now is the time to be out checking where you can go and get the best training available.  Also let me tell you that you do not want to practice in your house. Your wife, girlfriend and dogs will run you out of the house!  So practice in your vehicle, listen to tapes, CDs or training DVD’s going to and from work and therefore you do not make your wife, girl friend or dogs mad at you. Plus all of those traffic jams you’re sitting in will go faster as you practice on your Diaphragm calls. Some other companies that make great mouth calls,  Zink, Primos, Hunter’s Specialties, Knight & Hale, Quaker Boy, Flextone and Mad Calls,  to name just a few!  Remember when you have accomplished the Diaphragm Calls you can make a large number of different calls from low to very loud calls  to get an old Tom Gobbler cranked up.  an excellent idea to learn how to use all of the calls as this will allow you to change to different calls every hour.  Making an Ole Gobbler to think there is more than one hen in the area.

Outdoor Beasts Bowhunting With Jim Miller

Jim Miller, Host of  TEX-MEX  OUTDOORS TV SHOW first picked up a Bow and Arrow in 1961 at the age of 13.  Jim has been tipping over critters both great and small ever since.  Smitten by the Bow Hunting bug long ago, long before Bow Hunting became popular.  Jim has been involved in the Bow Hunting World in One capacity or another for 50 years.

Long about 1976 having perfected his bow shooting kills, Jim started winning Archer Tournaments.  His achievements got the attention of

PRECISION SHOOTING EQUIPMENT asked Jim to join the PSE Bow Hunting Advisory Staff… Quite an honor for a Sharecropper’s son from the Bootheel of Missouri!  Over the next five (5) years Jim collected dozens of record book Whitetail Deer, Antelope, Bear, and Mule Deer along with a number of “Nice Animals”

In 1981 PSE hired Jim to Rep their line of products across a number of Upper Midwest states.  Jim was in the thick of the Rep Business for the next 17 years, eventually forming his own Rep Group (RAM MARKETING) and taking on a number of Top Quality Hunting Lines.  During this time Jim became only the Third man ever to take the Grand Slam of Wild Turkeys with a Bow, Osceola, Eastern, Rio Grande, and Merriam’s.

In 1989 he entered the Video Business Plus managing his Rep Business.

In 1998, Jim took the inevitable Big Step and traveled to Africa for the first time with his ubiquitous Bow, taking a 40 Plus inch Sable, a Superb 57 inch Kudu, 14 inch Bushbuck, Zebra, Impala, Duiker, Steenbok and warthog.   In 1998 Jim took 29 Big Game Animals with only 30 arrows, which has got to be some kind of a Record in itself?   1999, was another Banner year in “Killer” Miller’s Biography, being selected as a Panel Member for Voting Membership of the Archery Hall of Fame.  Then going on to take the first ever Modern day Afghan Urial Sheep with a Bow, setting the New SCI World Record.

A whirl at Magazine publishing, another successful trip to Africa for more Critters, a Mexico Gould’s Turkey with a Bow.  A huge Mexican Nilgai (Aren’t they hard to even get with a Rifle?)  An SCI number 2 Axis Buck, a Huge Aoudad top Five (5) in SCI with a Bow  SCI record book Red Deer, Plus countless Whitetail Deer, Antelope, Bear, Mule Deer, Turkey, Elk, Javelin, Wild Hogs, Mountain Lion, Coyotes, Bobcat,  Fox, Later…. And we arrive at today.

Jim “Killer’ Miller is a man of experience.  He’s taken over 300 animals with a Bow!  A feat few Bow Hunters ever equal.

Jim has hunted the hard way all of his life, with a bow and arrows, which is exactly what you might expert from a hard Crabbed Kid raised on a Cotton

Farm in South East Missouri.  He knows the Hunting Business inside and out.   He’s an honest guy whose word is GOLDEN.  If Jim Miller tells you he is going to do something you can deposit his work in your Bank Account.  He’s a solid Man who can be trusted and in this day of “Fly By Night”

Promoters who comes around with their hand out, asking you to plunk down your hard earned money to help support  their TV programs and Hunting habits.  It’s comforting to know a Real Guy like Jim Miller.



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