You Will Not Believe How Much This Cape Buffalo Costs!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on February 16, 2016


Holy Cow…


You won’t believe how much this brute of a buff costs!

Africa’s biggest-horned and disease-free buffalo was valued at a record amount on Saturday after South Africa-based businessman Peter Bellingham bought a 25 percent share for 44 million rand ($2.8 million).

That values the animal, named Horizon for his wide horn span, at a record 176 million rand, surpassing the 40 million rand paid for a buffalo named Mystery by a group including billionaire Johann Rupert in 2013. Horizon’s horns are 55 inches wide, compared with Mystery’s 53 inches. It also doesn’t suffer from tuberculosis, a disease afflicting many wild buffalo in South Africa.

Outdoor Beasts You Will Not Believe How Much This Cape Buffalo Costs!

“It was a unique opportunity to own the best genes in the world,” said Hendrik de Kock, a marketer at Wildswinkel (Pty) Ltd., which ran the auction.

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