VIDEO: Is The Quagga Back From Extinction?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on February 2, 2016


Once thought long since extinct…

Is the Quagga back from extinction?

A zebra-like horse known as a ‘quagga’, that disappeared off the face of the earth in the 1880’s, could once-again roam the plains of Africa after a 30-year project by South African scientists. A cousin of the zebra, the quagga was labelled extinct after over-hunting by European settlers over 100 years ago.

Quaggas look very similar to the modern day zebra, although the famous stripes only appear on the front half of their bodies. And unlike the zebra, they are brown along the rear half of their body.

Outdoor Beasts VIDEO: Is The Quagga Back From Extinction?

Now, a group of scientists – with the help of DNA and specific cross-breeding – have bred an animal that looks strikingly similar to the quagga. The team based at the University of Cape Town and led by Professor Eric Harley started off by analysing the final remaining quagga skins – which initially revealed the animal was a sub-species of the plains zebra.

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