VIDEO: Fishing Rod Almost SLICES Angler’s Jugular

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on February 24, 2016


Who says that the fish doesn’t have a fighting chance?
A few inches over and this guy’s jugular would be cut in half.
What say you fellow beasts? Care to tangle with a fish of epic proportions or stick with brim in the small water? We thought so, jugular-cutting fish it is!
The fellows managed to land the fish later. The way I figure it, the fish will go 100-pounds for every stitch the angler required.
Chicks dig scars.

Outdoor Beasts Hunter Whirley

J. Hunter Whirley, CPT (R) is a tactical, practical purveyor of small truths learned over a short lifetime of bad decisions. His taste in friends, booze and pastimes is questionable, but one thing is for certain, he is a BEAST!


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