Scientists Agree: Banning Trophy Hunting Is A HUGE Mistake…Here’s Why

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on February 15, 2016


Politicians listen to scientists on climate change…

How about they listen to some REAL science.

Could banning trophy hunting in African countries do more harm than good fr conservation? Researchers from the University of Adelaide have found that banning hunting of large game could lead to economic stress and compromise a country’s ability to invest in critical conservation initiatives.

“Understandably, many people oppose trophy hunting and believe it is contributing to the ongoing loss of species; however, we contend that banning the U.S.’s $217 million per year industry in Africa could end up being worse for species conservation,” Professor Bradshaw, Director of Ecological Modeling in the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, explained in a news release. “Conserving biodiversity can be expensive, so generating money is essential for environmental non-government organizations, conservation-minded individuals, government agencies and scientists.”

Outdoor Beasts Scientists Agree: Banning Trophy Hunting Is A HUGE Mistake...Here's Why

Surprisingly, researchers found trophy hunting can even be less disruptive than ecotourism, which puts humans in contact with wildlife on a much larger scale.

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