POLAR BEARS: Canada Says There’s Too Many, US and Britain That They’re Almost Extinct

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on February 22, 2016


Who ya’ gonna believe?

The scientists from the country where the animals live?

Or the do-gooder PC politicians and media from the US and Great Britain?

First up is Canada…or actually a story out of Canada.

VICE Media is reporting that Canada says they have plenty of polar bears and that the US is playing politics trying to get the world to cave to their position of anti-hunting.  Not only that but the article points out that even the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) states that the white bear is in good shape.

“International trade is not a threat to polar bears, and the species does not meet the biological criteria [small and shrinking population] for an Appendix I listing at the current time,” reads a statement posted to the Environment and Climate Change Canada website.


Outdoor Beasts Polar Bear

On the other side is the US and Great Britain.

The latter just ran an article so ill informed that it actually suggested that dolphins LIVE ON LAND!!!

No, really:

“There have been increasing reports in recent years of polar bears spending more and more time on land, raiding bird nests and even eating dolphins in their search for alternative sources of food.”

Read more of this garbage here.

We think we’re gonna side with Canada on this one…





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