Otters Get Last Laugh As Cops Rescue THIS Instead Of An Otter!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on February 23, 2016


Too funny!

Unless you were the cops that thought this thing was an otter!

A concerned citizen in Newport, Shropshire in England called police last week to report an injured otter on the side of the road. The poor creature couldn’t even move.

The Police Safer Neighborhood Team for the area showed up to investigate and aid the distressed critter. What they found was actually a fake fur collar from a coat.

Lee Thomas of the West Mercia Police told BBC Radio the “otter” was “not saying or doing an awful lot, which is unusual for an injured animal.” He goes on to describe it as quite furry and brown.

Outdoor Beasts Otters Get Last Laugh As Cops Rescue THIS Instead Of An Otter!

Most police organizations would just pick up the collar and dispose of it. Not these cops. They named the fake otter “Ollie” and proceeded to share its life on Twitter, posting photos of it curled up on a car seat and using a laptop.

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