Nothing To See Here…Just A Sea Lion CHOMPING A Shark

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on February 26, 2016


Hell, if they’re going after sharks now what’s to keep them from chomping humans?

I mean, we’re a whole lot easier to catch than sharks!

This is the incredible moment a shark met its match after it was caught and eaten by a sea lion.

The unlucky salmon shark was pictured in Kodiak, Alaska, being pounced on and then snapped up by a steller sea lion in the harbor.

The dramatic images of the moment were captured by wildlife photographer Fred O’Hearn and it is thought to be the only documented sighting of a sea lion eating a shark.

Outdoor Beasts Nothing To See Here...Just A Sea Lion CHOMPING A Shark

Mr O’Hearn was at Kodiak harbor when he spotted the group of sea lions and started taking pictures of them.

He noticed that the creatures disappeared and then resurfaced battling what looks as though a juvenile salmon shark.

And with just seconds to spare, he managed to capture the moment the sea lion sinks his teeth into the big fish.

Outdoor Beasts Nothing To See Here...Just A Sea Lion CHOMPING A Shark
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