Guess What? If You’re Allergic To Cats Then…

Written by Gayne Young on February 25, 2016


Makes sense to us…

In 2014, a trio of concerned doctors wrote a letter to the editor of Allergologia et Immunopathologia, a Spanish scientific journal concerning allergies. They wanted to alert the scientific community to a potential danger: lion allergies.

It all started when an 8-year-old boy came into their emergency department in Warsaw, Poland.

“He came along with his parents, directly from a circus show,” the doctors wrote. “About 30–45 min after the beginning of the show, he started complaining of itching skin and a burning sensation in his eyes, followed by rhinorrhea [runny nose]. The symptoms occurred a few minutes after the first animals appeared on stage.”

These doctors speculated that the child — who tested positive for cat allergies — was also allergic to the cats in the circus. “The symptoms suddenly arose when the lion-taming begun,” the doctors wrote.

Outdoor Beasts Guess What? If You're Allergic To Cats Then...

They were especially concerned that the same warnings that doctors give about cat allergies were not extended to lions. “Recommendations for avoiding [house cat] allergens do not include any restrictions of contact with big cats in places like Wild Parks, Zoos or circus visits.” Perhaps they should.

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