Forget Hunters! Feds To SLAUGHTER 900 Bison

Written by Cpt. Hunter Whirley on February 29, 2016


Didn’t the federal government encourage the slaughter of buffalo in the 1800’s?



Well whatever, they’re still at it.

The annual Yellowstone buffalo slaughter has begun. Nearly 2,000 will be killed. A few of these animals will be pursued by hunters, the lucky few who can draw a tag. The rest will be corralled and sent to market.

To the dismay of hunters this happens every year. Instead of allowing more American sportsmen the opportunity to hunt the great American Bison, the government spends inordinate amounts of money to dispatch of the nuisance animals like so many cattle.

Outdoor Beasts Forget Hunters! Feds To SLAUGHTER 900 Bison

It does not make sense to me. Why not issue more hunting permits in the park? The animals could be examined at checkpoints by game officials to monitor the health of the herd before being turned into T-bones and the government could forego the expense of exterminating a huge segment of the herd annually.

Montana asked politely to manage the herd before (aka sued the federal government) and was just as politely declined (lost in court). Here’s hoping that more permits are granted in the future… but if I am placing my hope in things, the federal isn’t my number one.

What say you Beasts?

Would you love a chance to hunt a Yellowstone Bison?

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