BEASTS of the Amazon! Fishing Report Week 22, February 4 – 7, 2016

Written by Gayne Young on February 26, 2016

By Capt Peacock

Capt Peacock Amazon Fishing Kevin Van Dam

Week 22 was filled with so much fun, so many friends, and such great fishing that it is the only week we’ve ever had that came sponsored by a beer company.

Actually it was our guest of honor that came sponsored by a beer company.

Kevin VanDam, or KVD as he’s known by fans, is the #1 Angler in the World, the first-ever Outdoorsman of the Year ESPY trophy winner, and the all-time money winner on the Bassmaster Tournament trail. As such he’s sponsored by some great companies. Among them our friends at Bass Pro Shops and the aforementioned beer company, Busch. Capt Peacock Amazon Fishing Kevin Van Dam 2

KVD was joined by 14 friends and guests for a short 3-½ day trip that proved as fun as it was challenging. The latter because the river was unseasonably low for this time of year and the fishing proved more difficult than normal. In addition to fishing the main river, KVD and friends ventured into the jungle to fish some landlocked lagoons. KVD detailed this on his blog stating, “The river was super low when we arrived, which added to the adventure. We had to employ some interesting ingenuity to access the areas holding these fabulous fighting fish. We literally had to drag, push and pry big flat bottom boats over shallow riffles for a mile or more to get to the fish. The boats were rigged with outboard and electric motors and filled with coolers and our fishing gear – a heavy load that made it extremely tough and exhausting. It was quite the adventure, one that was captured on film, some of which will be made available on in the coming weeks.”

We really look forward to seeing that footage.

Capt Peacock Amazon Fishing Kevin Van Dam 3

All told, KVD and his group landed 412 peacock bass with the largest two weighing 14 and 15 pounds. In addition they landed three different species of piranha, dogfish, freshwater barracuda, and a host of other species found only in the Amazon. The group also had a fantastic shore lunch in the jungle, a nighttime Brazilian-style barbeque on a virgin beach, got massages, danced, drank, ate, and enjoyed all that the yacht and crew had to offer.

Capt Peacock Amazon Fishing Kevin Van Dam & Catfish

It was a great time to be sure but one that, because of the low water situation, only offered a fraction of what we like to call “The Amazon Experience.”

But that’s ok.

Like KVD said, it made for an adventure.

One that I know he looks forward to returning to soon.

I know this because I know Amazônia.

I’m Capt Peacock.

A vida é melhor vivida na Amazônia.


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