You’ll Be Wanting Chevy’s New Special Ops Truck!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 1, 2016

Chevy has announced that they will be moving forward with the Silverado Special Ops.

And we can’t wait!

Chevrolet announced that it will produce and sell a limited line of military inspired Silverado trucks next year, with some proceeds going to the Navy SEAL Museum in Florida.

The truck, dubbed the Specials Ops Silverado, was first introduced last month at the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association, or SEMA, expo in Las Vegas as part of a series of pickup concepts from Chevy.

Outdoor Beasts

The Special Ops didn’t make our list of top trucks at SEMA, but to be fair there were a lot of cool concepts and mods on display. We probably could have done a list of top Chevy trucks at the show, because there were plenty.

Sporting a cool black and blue Navy-inspired camouflage paint job, an underbody shield, a sport bar, LED off-road lights, wheel flares, 20-inch aluminum wheels with off-road tires and custom rocker guards the Special Ops is ready for your next night mission.

Outdoor Beasts

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