What The Hell Is That?! Freak Fish Found In Alaska!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 11, 2016

One FREAK of an Outdoor Beast!

A type of big, deep-ocean fish rarely seen at the water’s surface was found washed ashore Thursday in Gustavus in Southeast Alaska, the National Park Service reported.

A ragfish, measuring 65 inches long, was spotted near the dock in Gustavus, the town that serves as the headquarters for Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, officials said.

The discovery was made by a state transportation worker, said Craig Murdoch, a Park Service fisheries biologist.

“He was checking the dock and he noticed what he thought was a halibut,” Murdoch said. “He went and checked it out, and it was a fish he had never seen before.”

Outdoor Beasts What The Hell Is That?! Freak Fish Found In Alaska!

Thursday’s sighting followed one in the same area in July, when a 78-inch ragfish turned up on the shore of Bartlett Cove, Murdoch said.

In both cases, the fish were dead adult females and were full of eggs, he said.

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