TARGETING THE ANTIS: ‘Hunt The Hunters’ Rebrand on Facebook After Facing Removal Warnings

Written by Regis Giles on January 12, 2016

Hunt the Hunters is a radical anti-hunting group that started gaining traction back when Cecil the lion was making news headlines.

Their posts are vile and their key-board warriors ‘violently’ target hunters and their social media accounts.

How do I know? Well, they’ve targeted me before.

Outdoor Beasts

Now they face the threat of being removed from Facebook and have decided to rebrand, just in case that happens.

Outdoor Beasts

It is one thing to have an intellectual debate with someone who doesn’t understand hunting or is against it. However, for these emotional and irrational losers to get away with the very concept of their page is outrageous; and their new one is just the same.

We as hunters need to take a stance against the anti-hunters and not let them ‘bully’ us into submission.

With the US Fish and Wildlife ban on lion trophy importation, hunters are losing the battle.

Now is not the time to watch from the sidelines and shake your head in disapproval. More than ever, the hunting community needs to be strategic and join together to win this war.

If we don’t, soon the majority of African game will be banned.

Though it may not seem enough to just report and remove ‘Hunt the Hunters’ from social media, these people are the ones pushing the anti-hunting agenda.

They’re responsible for greasing the wheels of the wagon that will haul away the very sport and lifestyle we have grown up to know and love; not to mention the most important set back, the immediate decline of animal populations.

Words will do nothing with this group, so spare your logical arguments, but keep a watchful eye on them. Report the threats to Facebook and spread the word to your friends.

It’s time ‘Hunt the Hunters/Hunt the Trophy Hunter’ were called out and systematically shut down.

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