South Of The Border Quail! A Fantastic Hunt Report

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 4, 2016


We received the following from our friend and Outdoor Beast Gordie White owner of Gordie White Worldwide Hunting.

Trip Report:  Mountain Quail in Baja Mexico

There are few places in North America to successfully hunt the elusive Mountain Quail.  To quote Jack O’Connor, “When there’s a lot of ‘em, there still ain’t many of ‘em.”And while we heeded his words, we found more than expected. Arturo Malo, owner of Baja Hunting, hosted Carl Kilhoffer, Dan and David Higman, and me to an unforgettable bird hunt.  We traveled south along the Pacific coastline until Ensenada and then moved inland through Mexico’s wine country. After a rugged, twisting drive up into the Sierras, we made it to our destination.  The hunt took place in the high mountain country that borders the San Pedro Martir Parc Nacional—a park well-known for its granite rock formations, pine trees forests, and national astronomical observatory.

It was a strenuous hunt.  We hiked up steep mountains and climbed over big boulders, marched through dense mansanita brush, and walked among the towering Jeffrey pines.  Chasing coveys of quail at 7,000 to 10,000 feet qualified this as a high country upland hunt for sure! The kicker for me was hunting in Mexico…in the snow! Each of us on the expedition collected not only majestic Mountain quail, but we also took some California valley quail too.

Outdoor Beasts South Of The Border Quail! A Fantastic Hunt Report

Mountain quail hunting isn’t for everyone.  You are physically tasked in relatively cold temperatures, and the bird count is comparatively low for the work required. However, the trip exceeded my expectations.  The food was plentiful and delicious, the cabins and lodge were comfortable, and the guides knew where the birds were and their habits.  The mountains and scenery were spectacular; the attached photos do not do them justice.  If anyone is interested in a true upland adventure…this is the one!

Outdoor Beasts South Of The Border Quail! A Fantastic Hunt Report

Arturo hosted other groups besides the Mountain quail hunt, and our hunters reported fantastic trips for valley quail, Gambel’s quail, pheasant and doves.  After another great season in the Baja, these hunts proved to be a superb value and deliver the highest volume “wild” bird hunting in North America.  I plan on hunting the Baja every season. Bringing guns is easy and recommended.

Gordie White Worldwide Hunting


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