Rigby’s Jim Corbett Rifle To Be At SCI

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 29, 2016


SCI members who attend the 2016 Hunters’ Convention at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Nevada Feb. 3-6 will have an opportunity to see firsthand a significant piece of hunting/firearms history. This alone is worth attending the Convention.

Important and significant things happen at the SCI Convention, and this latest development is just one of them. SCI members represent the epitome of hunters and hunting in the world, so it is only fitting that the Convention should be the showcase in the United States for this storied rifle.

John Rigby & Co (Gunmakers) Ltd, London, England has tracked down and bought from a private collection probably one of the most famous rifles in history.

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The .275 rifle Jim Corbett was presented for shooting the man-eating tigress of Champawhat by Sir John Hewett Lieutenant-Governor of the United Provinces is now owned by Rigby.It has an inscription on a silver plate on the stock. Corbett went on to use the rifle in some of the later stories in his book Man Eaters of Kuamaon. Rigby has provenance of and letters from Corbett mentioning the rifle

Rigby will be bringing the rifle on a world tour and displaying it at the SCI Convention next year.

Copyright John Rigby & Co.

With this development, Rigby is changing their donation rifle in the World Heritage Rifle Series for 2016 from a .350 Rigby as originally proposed to a Corbett style .275 Rigby with a Ray Shepherd style engraving from the original books of Corbett and a tiger to commemorate Rigby getting this rifle in the collection.

“We will still be making the .350 but the donation rifle will be the .275 for obvious reasons,” explained Rigby’s Simon K. Barr. “It is great to think that some of the DNA from that very rifle is in the genome of every rifle that leaves the Rigby workshop at Pensbury Place today.”

Rigby also will be running a limited edition 100 copies of the five-book Corbett collection which will be numbered and leather bound in Rigby blue with a foreword about the rifle. Rigby will donate the profits from the limited edition books to the Jim Corbett Park Tiger Sanctuary in India.

The Rigby booth at the upcoming SCI Convention will be Corbett themed and there will be a Raj style party.

Rigby’s Jim Corbett Rifle To Be At SCI

It is always party time at the SCI Convention, so plan to attend both the Convention and the Rigby festivities. Frankly, it is a way to be a part of history.

Copyright John Rigby & Co.

And, the special Corbett style rifle being created by Rigby will be sold at auction to the highest bidder during the Saturday evening banquet at the Convention. Yes, one SCI member will be able to walk away from the 2016 Convention with that new, one-of-a-kind Rigby rifle.

The World Heritage Rifle Series is a five-year collaboration among premier rifle makers and SCI. For 2016, the featured rifle will be the newly announced .275, honoring Asia.


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