OUTDOOR BEAST! 16 Year Old Gal’s Bear Is An Awesome Trophy

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 14, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen…

Prepare to be envious.

Prissy Roach is a 16-year-old who lives with her family in Palmer, Alaska. She doesn’t own a cell phone, the family has a computer only for educational purposes, and their house does not have cable TV. As is apparent in her writing, the lack of technology and a wealth of information through firsthand experiences, books, and human interaction has done nothing but enhance her control of the English language. Younger generations, take note.

It was noon. My family of six was enjoying the gorgeous second day of our little pleasure trip to Prince William Sound, Alaska. Really, we had come just to have fun and celebrate my dad’s birthday; our object was not necessarily to hunt, but since we were there, we would certainly keep our eyes peeled. Being the oldest child, I was to have first shot at any accessible bear we encountered.

Honestly, though, I had so far been pretty doubtful about my chances of actually taking anything home. Out on the ocean, when you can’t shoot from the boat, everything must fall perfectly into place; there are so many variables. What direction is the wind blowing? How far away is the bear? Is it worth trekking up the steep, tangled mountainside after this thing if it’s just going to disappear into the brush at any moment? And besides all that, can we even land our boat anywhere nearby? Needless to say, optimism had rather escaped me. But back to the story.

OUTDOOR BEAST! 16 Year Old Gal's Bear Is An Awesome Trophy

We’d decided to motor into Dad-Says-I-Can’t-Disclose-The-Name Lagoon and glass a little before going back out to pull our shrimp pots. At the moment I must have been preoccupied — I really can’t remember what I was doing as we entered the area — but at any rate, I was clueless of my surroundings when a general, though very quiet (is there such a thing?) uproar ensued. Lots of whispers. My brother, Remington, stood up, pointing frantically. I became aware of the word “bear” being repeated over and over by various members of the family.

Then I saw it on the opposite shore, eating grass on a small section of green. It looked monstrously black — there is something so stark about a black bear against the tall evergreens and bleached driftwood on the beach.

Outdoor Beasts OUTDOOR BEAST! 16 Year Old Gal's Bear Is An Awesome Trophy

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