NUT JOBS Protest Hunters…And Penises In Austin

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 15, 2016

Whack jobs!

Wouldn’t even use their real names!

The debate over trophy hunting was alive in Downtown Austin Thursday night. A protest was held outside the Austin Convention Center where the annual Hunter’s Heritage Banquet was being held.

According to the Austin chapter of Safari Club International, the banquet is its biggest fundraiser of the year. People on both sides of the issue are passionate about their cause.

“I really feel strongly that this is just murder,” said a protester that goes by the pseudonym Prometheus.

Outdoor Beasts

The picket signs and rally lines don’t persuade Austin SCI President Stephanie Wottrich to pick up a camera instead, as one sign suggests.

Outdoor Beasts

“Every time I’ve spoken to an anti-hunter they’re pro-choice. So you tell me it’s okay to kill a baby that hasn’t been born yet but it’s not okay for me to kill a deer that I’m gonna eat. If you can justify that to me you might be able to change my mind but until then, there’s no way,” said Wottrich.

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