HILARIOUS: Signs You’re Currently Being Attacked By A Crocodile

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 25, 2016

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Renowned for their power, agility and deft skill in the world of alligator impressions, crocodiles are also known for occasionally attacking people, most notably in places that have crocodiles in them, including Australia.

With almost an entire handful of people affected each year, proper education and awareness are the most effective methods of allaying people’s fears and ensuring their minds are set at ease in what is a potentially dangerous situation. But here’s a list-based article instead.

Here are the top ten signs you are currently being attacked by a crocodile.

Outdoor Beasts HILARIOUS: Signs You're Currently Being Attacked By A Crocodile

1. Your lemonade stand is strangely under-patronized.

Despite spending much of their time in the water, many people remain unaware that crocodiles are also capable of proficiently walking on land. Unfortunately, crocodiles appear largely aware of this ability, leaving nowhere safe, with the lemonade industry no exception.

It seems unfair and potentially even discriminatory but people are conspicuously less likely to purchase lemonade from someone in the process of being ripped apart by a crocodile than from an intact human. Already known for being a tough business, poor sales could be a reflection of the annoyingly low demand for terrible products made by unqualified jerk kids who have no idea about quality-control or economics. It could also be due to a crocodile attack.

Outdoor Beasts HILARIOUS: Signs You're Currently Being Attacked By A Crocodile

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