Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 26, 2016

We’ve never seen anything like this…

An elephant killing a resting, minding his own business, Cape buffalo.

There’s much we don’t understand about the animal kingdom.

Penguins in Antarctica have been known to walk inland, away from their food source and colony, in what has been described as penguin suicide. Cows do it too. Blue whales are singing in ever-deeper voices every year. The collective intelligence of ants is also hard to explain – they can construct an underground megalopolis that “looks like it was designed by an architect. A single mind.” And let’s not even get started on the frightening behaviour of crows! Honestly, it all gets kinda creepy.

African animals are certainly no different.

Outdoor Beasts

On a recent trip to Kenya with Rhino Africa, Kimberly Maurer and her travelling party witnessed a truly incredible scene. Something that experts are also struggling to explain.

As Kim explains, “Upon landing in the famous Masai Mara, we were met by our driver and guide, John, who asked if we would like to have a game drive before heading to our camp. Along the way, we noticed a large one-tusked momma elephant with her family walking toward us.

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