Deer Crossing Signs In Illinois Don’t Look Like This Anymore

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 13, 2016

Illinois gets brownie points for having a sense of humor!

They’ve left no notes behind. And it’s fairly certain they’re not doing it for the insurance money. But “suicidal deer” are apparently such a big problem in Paxton, Ill. that its county is installing signs to warn drivers.

Calling the deer “suicidal,” of course, may be something of a misnomer. More likely, they just don’t know to be cautious around speeding vehicles with bright headlights. But whatever the reason, it’s certainly an issue in Paxton: 33 vehicle collisions with deer were reported in 2015, according to The Ford County Record.

Outdoor Beasts Deer Crossing Signs In Illinois Don't Look Like This Anymore

Button Township Highway Commissioner Ron Hilligoss stumbled onto the idea of the eye-catching signs during a conversation with his nephew.

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