BREAKING! New Jersey Kid Mauled By…POed Raccoon

Written by Gayne Young on January 28, 2016


Dangerous game has come to New Jersey…

In the form of a killer coon!

A six-year-old New Jersey boy was mauled by a raccoon while walking to school with his mother, who said her son could have died if it weren’t for a heroic neighbor who came to his rescue.

Aryan Gavali had to get nine stitches on his face after the vicious animal attack that took place in Elmwood Park Wednesday morning.

Outdoor Beasts BREAKING! New Jersey Kid Mauled By...POed Raccoon

The child was on his way to the 16th Avenue Elementary School with his mother, Monali Gavali, when a large raccoon attacked him from behind and proceeded to bite and scratch him in the face.

Outdoor Beasts BREAKING! New Jersey Kid Mauled By...POed Raccoon

‘Within a second, he screamed, “Mommy,” then I turn around and saw that he was on the ground… something was there, something was on his back,’ Ms Gavali described the incident to NBC New York.

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