Beautiful Michigan Buck…

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 5, 2016

Friend and fellow Outdoor Beast Bruce Hoepner sent us the following on this buck he captured on film near Milford, Michigan.

“It was a later hike than usual, after a winter rain.  I wasn’t expecting to see much at this time of the day as the deer aren’t as active.  But I had already run into a couple of doe earlier on the trail so I was looking for subjects.  I was walking through a clearing when I picked up some motion to my left.  I slow turned and this lad came into sight.  We eyed each for a moment, then I moved a little closer to him…

Outdoor Beasts Beautiful Michigan Buck...

He kept his gaze on me while I took a few shots then, when he decided he’d posed long enough, he showed his tail and went on to more interesting endeavors.  It takes your breath away when they allow you to get spear close.  This is why I continue to hike this marvelous place.”

Great story and pic!


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