ALBINO Great White Washes Up On Australian Shore

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on January 25, 2016

We’ve never seen one of these!

An extremely unusual shark washed ashore recently in Australia’s Port Hacking, New South Wales, and expert analysis now suggests that the stark white fish is in fact a juvenile “albino” great white.

The shark was discovered by Luke Anslow, a local who happened upon it while walking on the beach, according to Earth Touch News. When Anslow first spied the shark, it was thrashing about in the surf before it became fatally stranded. Anslow didn’t want to approach the shark, but was able to take pictures of the animal and report its demise. Later collected by the New South Wales Department of Fisheries, the shark showed no obvious signs of injury, and it is unclear what caused it to become stranded.

Outdoor Beasts ALBINO Great White Washes Up On Australian Shore

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